• sunday morning Adults studies (downtown)

    Don't worry, all the good stuff at our church isn't just for the under 18 crowd! We offer two Sunday morning study classes for adults of any age. These two groups are open to anyone that wishes to attend. The studies in each group changes about every 6-8 weeks based upon decisions in what the group wishes to learn. These studies could be in video form or a book. No matter which group you choose you will learn more about God and grow in your Christian journey of faith and love. Young or old, single or married, man or woman - we've got a place for you!

  • week day adult studies

    First UMC knows and understands that schedules vary. We offer several different studies that happen through out the week. Monday is "Bible & Bag" this is a group that meets over the lunch hour via zoom. Tuesday is a meeting via zoom at 7 pm, The Good Neighboring Movement. Wednesday studies meet at the Outreach Center, typically after the evening worship service at 7:15, led by laity. There is a Lenten Study, via zoom "A Bigger Table". Thursday a group of men meet at "Off Campus" a store in town at 8 PM for devotions, they call it "Men's BS" (Men's Bible Study)

  • Women's groups

    There are several different women's groups that meet through out

    First UMC.  Bible & Bag is a group of women that meet during the noon hour, they pray, eat and get encouragement by GOD's Word and devotions through today's Christian authors. Tuesday Morning Bible Study is open to all ages who enjoy interesting Bible study and good fellowship. United Methodist Women (UMW) meet monthly on the 3rd Wednesday each month. There are morning, afternoon and evening groups that meet, to fit in to any women's schedule. UMW also has a reading group that meets on the 4th Thursday of each month. If you love to sew or craft, we also have groups that meet weekly or monthly!

  • men's groups

    United Methodist Men (UMM) meet weekly on Wednesday mornings and share  breakfast together while "helping men grow in Christ, so that others may also know Christ." Grow Men, meet monthly for a meal and have sharing/learning time. Thursday Men's Bible Study meets at 8 PM, they hold conversations about their walks with GOD, Christ and the Spirit.  Helping Hands is another group that helps people with "hands on" needs, such as mowing a yard or minor home repairs.